About Us:

As a family of physicians, our lives calling is to fight against sickness. Medical education (traditional Eastern and modern Western medicine), recognition of the manifestations of disease processes and the body's response toward treatments continuously deepen our understanding of illnesses.
We believe that certain predisposing conditions are present and sometimes necessary for the development and progression of diseases.
If we can eliminate these conditions that allow the perpetuation of disease, then we may be able to control them.
We also believe that local treatment cannot eradicate a systemic disease.
To explore an effective treatment of genital herpes as a manifestation of "damp-heat syndrome" has become our major goal.

herboasis creator

Dr. Shan Quan Wang:

Herboasis formula was discovered and created by Dr. Wang Shan Quan (google translation-Shanzhen) 王 善佺 (1895 - December 26, 1988), the word Yi Chen, Sichuan Shizhu people, agronomists, one of the founders of the Chinese cotton breeding discipline. Wang Shanlu graduated from Tsinghua University in his early years, then went to the United States to study abroad, and obtained agronomy from the University of Georgia... Professor Wang Shanzhen has been researching and developing the herboasis with his family members who are all doctors in the same field for 100 years and treating herpes free for many years.