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Herboasis® Health Supplement is a Chinese herbal mixture of 20 different kind of pure and natural Chinese herbs for people who are suffering from damp-heat syndrome, to eliminate the herpes virus from body.
This Chinese herbal mixture and magic formula was discovered and created by
Dr. Wang Shan Quan 王 善佺 (1895 - December 26, 1988),
Professor Wang Shanzhen has been researching and developing the herboasis with his family members who are all doctors in the same field for 100 years and treating herpes free for many years.


the anti herpes solution

Now Herboasis become a product and available for public. Effective formula that shows results after the second day.

herboasis herbal tea


    Herboasis ...
  • Is without a similar product or competitor
  • Is a health supplement herbal tea ready to drink
  • Is not capsule or powder
  • Is a 100% pure natural herbs formula
  • Is a mixture of 20 known Chinese medical herbs
  • Is Every herb can cure more than one disease separately
  • Is the results of the experiences of three consecutive generations
  • Is showing results after the second day.
  • Is working in all the body.
  • Is not just a pain relief like others
  • Is reaching excellent results on the long run
  • Is Without any side effects from any kind
  • Is Offering full refund

Millions of people around the world suffer from the herpes virus.

According to the World Health Organization, 3.7 billion people under age 50 have herpes.


Effective formula that shows results after the second day.

yes its true, you will feel the difference after the second day, just follow the instructions and get the 2 daily packs on time .
Absolutely no comparaison from any kind between this product and any other one.

herboasis health supplement
herboasis health supplement
herboasis health supplement
herboasis health supplement

This Herbal tea with the great formula will work on the whole body after absorbed, and is helping people who are suffering from Damp Heat with extensive lesions, such as genital herpes and eye herpes, and more..

This natural herbal health supplement with the magical mixture, has won the admiration of hundreds of patients over many years since its discovery.
Herpes virus has to many types and affect many different area in the body, and the disease may differ from one person to another due to the gender, age and duration of infection with the virus, etc..
So also the expected duration and results may vary due to the patient's determination, way to continue, and the commitment to deal with the disease.

Therefore, we highly recommend not to take this herbal tea without consulting your physician first.
And if many patients have praised the quality and effectiveness of this health supplement due to the improvement of their health in a short period, So this doesn't mean that this herbal tea is a drug that may cure all those who are infected with the virus or prevent it from appearing to the body again.

This product have not been evaluated by the FDA [ Federal Law does not require dietary supplements to be proven safe o FDA's satisfaction before they are marketed] and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

herboasis product
herboasis product
herboasis product
herboasis product
herboasis product
herboasis product