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Observe several lesions at same times are important, as long as one lesion is getting better, it indicates that all other lesions are also improving.
Observe the boundaries of the lesion: when the lesion is locally swollen, the boundary of the lesion will not expand, that indicates the lesion is getting improving. If the boundary of the lesion is expanding, that indicated the herbal tea is invalidated.
Below are the signs and symptoms indicate damp-heat pathogens, such as herpes are getting improving :

  1.  Change on the tongue fur:
    How to observe tongue:
    1) prepare the tongue: taking small amount of mineral water to clean and moist the tongue, to not observe the tongue just finished eating or drinking
    2) Where to observe: observe the color on the tip and front side of tongue.
    3) What to observe: observe the color change on the tip and front side of tongue, the local red color on the tip and front side of tongue will disappear, instead , the whole body and tip of tongue will become even pink color.
    this is the earliest sign also important sign, this change usually occur within 1-2 days after taking Herboasis herbal tea.
    The tongue should be naturally even pink to red color with thin white coating.
  2.  Fecal changes:
    Feces change from dry to soft; or diarrhea: If there is no change, this product may not be suitable for you. Sometimes, during the diarrhea, your abdomen may feel mild discomfort.
    After defecation, there should be no any discomfort.
  3. Dry changes that may occur as:
    (a) Skin lesions are getting dried, smaller, disappear.
    (b) Local itching, red and swelling: all are the signs indicating this product is working.
    All the signs will disappear usually within one week, sometimes longer, then may repeat those sign and symptom again
    (c) Yellow - gray skin color: local diseased tissue may become Yellow-gray color, and then pointy concaved, smaller and gradually disappear, then local skin back to normal color.
    (d) Bobble or lesion may become protruding on the surface of mucous membrane ( e.g. eye lid) : If lesion involved deeper tissue, after taking these drinks for some period, tiny bobble or lesion may become protruding and highlights skin and mucosal surfaces, then dry out, smaller and disappear, the process will take some time longer and that is outlet to expel the diseased tissue out :
  4.  One Moist change indicates improving is:
    Some lesion will melt the parts and one of them is: melt the upper and lower eyelids in the outer corner of the eye.
    When the disease is getting better, the fusion will be retreating, and the fusion spot at the corner of upper and lower eyelids will be separated. During that process, the local part will demonstrate slightly moist.
    That moist is the only moist sign indicates lesion improving.
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